I hope you’ve read the summary posts that help identify key elements of a seller’s story. Here’s more on that for you if you’re considering a sale and want to understand a little bit better how to create, continue, and communicate the story behind the home principals as they apply to your home story. You should know that this story is built upon current, past, and recent client experiences when we work together to tell their home’s unique story so buyers connect in a more meaningful and memorable way.

Here’s how to consider, combine, and connect with key exterior elements so your home stands out among the best properties available. First, consider where you live. I mean the house itself. Don’t start out as the homeowner. Close your eyes and open them again if you have to and then leave the premises and take your smartphone or tablet with you. (I didn’t really have to tell you that did I? I didn’t think so.) Yes, I just kicked you out of your own home but in a nice way, for good reason and for your own good. Trust me. Watch what happens.

  1. Walk out the front door to the edge of your yard. When you get there turn around and look. No, I mean really look at the front of your home. What do you see?
  2. Describe into your phone via voice, text, or email you save and send for yourself your first impression you have standing in front of your house. Take video if you’d like and record what you see using no more than 3 words. Cover details but keep it simple. Example: Painted brick or New siding or Wood shutters or Chipped window sills…
  3. Wait a second. Then, walk back toward the front door but this time look at the yard, driveway, fence, porch, front door, stairway, bushes, flowers, trees while you describe the scene in again no more than 3 words.

I don’t ask clients how it went because those who take this step seriously end up scrutinizing every little thing OR by the time I visit they find that the prioritized projects are more than manageable and focus on these considerations that can bring the highest return in the shortest amount of time including higher sold price and less days on market. Now that the considerations for the story behind the home have begun, we move on to discover, uncover, and create the existing story or create a new one.

Try it. Review more about the entire home selling process at my website. The Selling Process Then, come back and comment. When you’re ready, let’s schedule a free market analysis. Your home story starts here. Let’s make the connection.


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