Ray and Lauren Villareal

We are a active duty Navy family who recently PCSed from overseas duty in Japan. As we began to evaluate our options online in the months leading up to our departure, we looked at many houses in Northern Virginia, specifically Alexandria. As we identified what would become now the home we are living in, Kristin’s name was listed as an available agent for the property on Trulia. What started out as a simple inquiry by email quickly turned into a satisfying and productive relationship with a true professional and wonderful lady. As I eventually made my way to the DC area in person, Kristin was extremely helpful and patient to meet with me to view many properties and discuss options. What really made this difference for me, on top of her excellent service and work ethic, was her warm, caring and understanding personality. She really was a friend to my wife and I, and truly guided us through the whole process (which we had done many times before). She made the closing process go extremely smooth, which is a great aid and comfort at the end of a long and stressful move from overseas. I offer my highest recommendation of Kristin’s real estate prowess and professionalism. We could not be happier in our new home. She is a jewel.