John and Flora McIntyre

My wife and I were interested in looking for a house in the Northern Virginia area. We are in the Foreign Service and do not currently live in the US nor have we for the past six years. Kristin was recommended to us by colleagues who had nothing but high praise for her. To be blunt, we agree 100% with that praise. And here is why. We didn’t buy a house or townhome. In fact, what makes Kristin so good is she DID NOT pressure us to buy a place. She was incredibly patient with us and actually let us figure out over the course of a few weeks what and where we really wanted to be and when we could not find exactly what we wanted (we are big on McLean) she told us, “don’t force it, you have to be happy with what you buy” (especially with McLean prices). This is why we still consider ourselves “working together” and when we do return to the US, we will be glad to have Kristin as our agent (both for buying and property management). John/Flora