Life. Love. Labs.

Life. Love. Labs.


I am constantly taking in the sights particularly along the Mount Vernon Trail where I love to run. I love that Trail. I’ve even been known to pick up my camera after a long run and head back out to capture birds, flowers, the Potomac, trees, front doors, windows, flower boxes, brick, stone, sticks and other things that caught my attention along the way. When I’m not at the beach, this is my happy place. My home. Nothing makes my home happier than Molly and Sam. Happiness lives here. No matter what the season–including Winter my least favorite–you will find the best of all things joyful when you watch labs swim, run, and yes even play in the snow. When you find a place, people, and pets that bring a smile to your face everyday or best yet create a smile on days you just can’t find one then you need to keep them close and have fun! Enjoy the life, the love, and in my case the labs that make it happen. Sometimes, the best things in nature and in life are right where you are I didn’t need to travel to Alaska or Taos, NM to hike and see bears in nature. All I needed was Winter, Snow, and a couple of Labs. Sam and Duke starring in this video and what appears to be a Grizzly Sighting in the snow.


a mysterious disappearance of the great grizzly, three sleepy dogs came in and quietly took their favorite spots for rest and relaxation; a chair, the couch, and a giant luv sac in front of the big screen. Let sleeping dogs lie, they say. They are exhausted, they say. They obviously don’t understand the love of a lab. This love story shows snow, friends, and frolick. And for a brief moment in time, sleep. Literally, just for a moment they slept until…wait for it…the refrigerator door opened and we opened the bag. No, not dog food. Kale. Yes, that’s right. In fairness, Molly and Duke stayed put. Sam on the other hand shot up from the luv sac and ran over to my sister and I as we sat on the couch. A test taste ensued with a variety of garden vegetables. First test…well, watch and see if Sam eats Kale. Does this loving, silly labrador named Sam really eat Super foods? Sam Loves SuperFoods


In the end, this cliche’ still holds true so in my opinion when a cliche’ stands the test of time it proves to be truth. Such truth we hold to be self evident, that’s for certain. (My little nod to Lincoln the week before President’s Day ;-)) Even in the Winter–my not-s0-favorite season–I watch love happen in the snow. Even on mile 6 when it’s cold, cloudy, and I’m midway up the hill, I focus on the run, the scenery, the nature, the place that I love. And then, I can put it together in my mind and capture all of this in words and images. But in the end, it’s love for who, what, and why I run, write, and love people, places, and moments that matter most. Thank you for being here.

The Great Space Debate

The Great Space Debate
008-184049-08__CJ E Reed Ave_3702188
Open, Contemporary Floor Plan at PRESTON at Potomac Yards



The story behind the home focuses on key elements of history, design, location, and community. When all of these come together, we create a value story that defines your home’s distinctive value, style, and luxury that connects people to the best properties available in any market.

As you know, I am a certified residential specialist proudly serving professionals, military, and foreign service professionals across VA and MD. A common thread when listing or buying homes is the concern over square footage. It’s typically the first thing that sellers want me to know. More often than not buyers will start out with a certain amount of square footage requirement as they search online or among the selections I provide during their search.

Sure, square footage is an important consideration. But, consider this: focus on the floor plan! Take a look at how the square footage of your home is used. In essence, is your floor plan functional? For sellers: If your home boasts a great amount of square footage think about how you use that space now. Then, think about what areas you use a certain way that may be taking away from the layout potential for buyers who walk through. When we meet, I typically walk through the house with potential clients so the floor plan becomes more familiar to me. That way, when we discuss the market analysis I can offer distinct differences–pros and cons–about livability. In the end, it’s easier to connect with those spaces most similar to how you live in your current home.  As you encounter different spaces, you can continue the comforts of current life and imagine better ways to use living areas, new rooms, and indoor and outdoor spaces at your new home. It solidifies the reason behind a move or makes a move happier. You know, “that feeling” you get as soon as you walk through the front door.

Most buyers search tirelessly for “that feeling” which I emphasize is the intangible that the data, numbers, and analysis just can’t do for you. So, the space debate among buyers takes on a unique perspective as we tour your favorite properties. When asked about how much space buyers need or want the response I get most often is a number i.e. 2200, 3000 or more and then the number of beds and baths. Clients narrow down my suggestions and add their own preferred properties to visit. Let me be clear that while the debate starts at the first meeting with a typical response in numbers, it doesn’t really take on true meaning until we actually visit homes and experience a floor plan first hand. For example, do you love or not love your kitchen? Need more cooking or counter space? Look for similar layouts like these from BUILDER magazine. More Kitchen Less Hallways You don’t have to build your own home to find a floor plan that fits your favorite places at home.

I encourage you to think about, talk about, and walk through every inch of space and think about how you live at home. Then, decide which elements of each property reflect your current favorites and connect with your expectations for your new home. When the debate is considered in that context, it tends to be easier to prioritize properties, and rank your preferred properties that have potential to meet and exceed your expectations. Here’s a real life example of a recent listing in Vienna Woods. More Can Be Better

What do you think?


Hopefully, you’ve found some guidance here and some floor plan food for thought ;-). That way, you can decide for yourself as you consider a sale or purchase. Here are some real examples from BUILDER magazine and how space, style, and design make the most of 1600 square feet for the best use of every inch of these 4 house plans.Best Use of 1600 Square Feet

Read this. Then comment. Considering a sale or purchase? Contact Me. The story behind the home connects people with the best properties available. Clients connect with a home’s existing story or they can create their own. I’d love to show you how.


The Story Behind Your Home Remodel

The Story Behind Your Home Remodel

I admit to being a bit nostalgic. I love people, places that bring back great memories. Most of those memories include a time, place, people, and things I’ve learned that I still rely on and build upon personally and professionally. In fact, my best memories and experiences bring back some of the most educational and useful data and resources that I have been using and sharing to keep growing, improving, and educating clients, their friends, family, and colleagues. A special resource that harkens back to my Hanley-Wood special projects days is the annual Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine.

It happens often. In fact as recently as a few weeks ago, a past client sent a description and photos of his fantastic kitchen and bath renovations. I was initially impressed with the photos that looked great. We didn’t get into specifics until I see it in person after an additional family room upgrade happens soon. So, when he asked–and I get this a lot– if these projects would help with resale value prior to a sale, I responded as I typically do with this: “… according to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report ( …” and then this:  2016 Cost vs. Value Report for Virginia and MD clients. Remodeling magazine is a trade journal published by Hanley-Wood, Inc., utilized as a key resource among licensed, professional remodeling contractors across the U.S. You’ll find a systematic, descriptive, and data-filled report broken down by region right down to the city in which you live.

For my relocating clients, military families and Foreign Service folks who live outside of the South Atlantic states identified, you’ll find a drop-down menu for each region in the U.S. It covers 30 markets and 100 projects from mid-range to upscale. You’ll find project descriptions along with estimated costs and projections of your potential return on your investment.

The measure of quality and value of any resource, report, or metric is how you utilize the data. I’ll break it down into 3’s so you can better understand which clients find it helpful, how, when, and why you may use it as you plan and prepare for your next remodeling project.

Hopefully, the Q & A format will keep it simple and you can easily decide how to work with the report for positive results. Here we go:


A:Remodeling magazine is the leading industry resource among licensed contractors nationwide. The report AND the magazine provide industry trends in project scope, pricing, and product information. I also recommend that you review and consider previouse reports for a retrospective approach to the data. You can compare not only prices and estimated values over time. It’s interesting to note how the projects and products have changed and/or improved how you can live in the space. Then, you can better set your own expectations for your own project, contractor, and life in your home when its all said and done:


A. I provide this for buyers who have just moved so they can plan ahead in a few ways. First, you can get familiar with project scope and pricing. That way when you’re ready you’re more familiar with what the professionals will assess and how they may price your requests. Plus, you’ll find that the report includes advertisements of remodeling products as industry standards so you can educate yourself on products and materials.


A. Every remodeling project or home renovation has its own nuances and delicacies when dealing with design, architecture, city and homeowner standards, of course. Historically, the Cost vs. Value Report addresses estimates and average projects that can guide homeowners and their contractors to work toward a positive end result in price, project, and completion. In an effort to provide help for clients remodeling an historic home, I did ask the editor, Craig Webb, Editor-in-Chief, Remodeling and ProSales Magazines, Hanley-Wood, Inc. And while he’s not seen any data specific to historic homes and notes that this report may not be useful for such specific properties, He offers, “…We all like to say that every house has unique qualities and unique repair/remodel issues. For historical properties, I’d think that is doubly true…”

Q. I own a home on or near the water. How can this help understand the nuances of an addition or garage on the water?

A. Waterfront and historic properties are unique in location, restrictions and nuances in general. So, the best approach is to identify licensed, professional remodeling professionals with knowledge, experience, resources, and references for similar properties and projects.


A. Yes, in fact, I have used this element of the report for my own edification about what’s trending year over year in terms of types of projects, scope of projects, and the average return on these projects across the board. It’s been interesting to take a step back and look at all of this from a National level and how it lines up with resale pricing and sold prices across the U.S. compared to the regional and city data over the years.

Report content © 2016 Hanley Wood, LLC. Complete data from the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at

The Story Behind Your Mortgage

The Story Behind Your Mortgage

It’s a New Year! Here’s the inaugural post from our local expert among lenders. Peter Accolla, George Mason Mortgage, offers insight into what the New Year means for the mortgage market. You’ve likely heard about the recent rate hike. But Peter offers perspective on what this could mean for you in the near term and throughout 2016. Peter is an experienced lender whom my clients have trusted for the last 10 years. Welcome, Peter to The Story Behind the Home. I appreciate his experience and perspective as a very important part of your real estate story unfolds.

It’s a New Year of opportunities and changes. If you’re considering a sale or purchase, you may be wondering what to expect from the mortgage market going forward. The short answer is that the Federal Reserve (FED) pretty much has full control. A reality that begs the question “How quickly will the FED raise short term interest rates this year?”  The overall expectation is that short term rates (the Federal Funds rate) will be 1.5% by the end of 2016.  Currently, it is .5%.  This means that there is an expectation of a .25% increase each quarter of this year.  My opinion (and the opinion of many local loan officers and lenders in our area) is that if we see the FED hike the Federal Funds rate more quickly than expected–insinuating a stronger economy and the need to control inflation–we’ll see mortgage rates increase faster as well.  If we see a steady increase of the Federal Funds rate each quarter over the year, we’ll see our average 30 year fixed rate go from roughly 4% (where it is now) to somewhere around 4.5% by year end.

The effect on your purchase power, interest rate, and loan approval will vary according to a set group of criteria. I’ve provided my contact information below. If you’ll give me 15 minutes of your time or visit my website to provide responses to a few questions, I can show you what the new year in the mortgage market means for you. 

Let’s get started.

Best regards, Peter

Peter S. Accolla II
Branch Manager/Mortgage Banker George Mason Mortgage, LLC
(703) 259-0731 (O)
(703) 888-6889 (C)
(703) 653-3052 (F)

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The Story Behind the Right Realtor

The Story Behind the Right Realtor

Want to know the real story about how to find the right realtor? Does the realtor you choose really make a difference? What’s the secret to a successful real estate sale or purchase? Well, I was recently asked about how to find a realtor. What steps are required? Which ways are the best? How do you KNOW that you’ve found the right Realtor? 3 questions, 3 answers should be quick and simple, right? After all, the point is the house. It’s about the sale, the purchase, the result, right? It can be for some. The story behind the right realtor starts with you. Before you can find, choose, and know you’ve found the right realtor there are a few things to consider. Here are the questions asked and how the story behind the home, from its foundation, starts with steps to find the right realtor that establish standards, expectations, and measured success so that your story starts in the best possible way. Here we go.

Q. What steps would you advise homeowners take when looking for
their own Realtor?

A. It’s not about me, the Realtor. My advice starts with understanding the story behind every home which starts with that homeowner. So, at our initial appointment, we not only discuss the basics, the data, the property, the community and the steps in the process. We start with the home and its owner, You.

3 Steps to Find Your Realtor

1. Your Reasons Why: It’s important that you consider your reasons for selling i.e. relocation, downsizing, need more space.

2. Your Best Results: What’s your best desired result? i.e. net gain, size of the home, location of the home, moving on to the next opportunity in life, work, family. Once they define the why behind their move they can interview agents focused on a realistic set of goals that will motivate them to actively participate and work with me but also stay focused on their desired results. So, as you interview realtors you need to know how they work, what they know, and their process, approach, and success with homeowners who have experienced the same. Better yet, I encourage those I meet to find a realtor whose clients willingly offer honest feedback about their experience.

3. Your Standards: Everyone has standards and they should be set according to your highest family, professional, financial priorities in life. Those standards should translate into expectations and evaluation criteria for your Realtor. There are standards that define licensee vs. agent vs. realtor, etc. There are agents, realtors, and transaction-focused licensees in the area. We all do business differently. I think it’s important that homeowners understand the benefits of working with a licensed realtor who belongs to NAR, their regional association, and subscribes to the Realtor code of ethics. One does not have to be a realtor to sell real estate. Without a set of standards for conduct the road to your best results will likely be a rough one along the way.

Q. How can you find the best Realtor for you?

A. Once you’ve taken the steps above, you’re able to identify the best Realtor for you regardless of how you meet them because you’ve identified a set of expectations based on your situation and desired results.

You Be the Judge

A. Real Results

Finding the right house or the right buyer for your home is only 25% of the process. So, it’s important to know what it means to get results from the Realtor you choose. There are as many ways to find a realtor as there are ways to search for a house. I find it helpful to focus people on what they expect or the desired result beyond the obvious listing or purchase.  It’s more than just the sale or purchase. It’s what the results mean for you not for your realtor’s business, volume, or sales awards. (Althought we as professionals have our goals, too.) Yes, those stats are important and necesssary to evaluate a Realtor’s experience, success, and results. However, finding the right realtor includes matching skill and expertise with your expectations and goals. Most of my business is based upon referrals. 95% of past clients, colleagues, and brokers (U.S. and International) consistently refer me to others. Even so, I have found that regardless of how potential clients contact me, they are consistently pleased with my experience, success, and results that help them reach their family, financial, and life goals. Those goals establish a story that sets expectations and a set of metrics that can quantify and measure the most effective strategies, focus, skills and proven results from your Realtor.

Q. How do you KNOW they’re the best Realtor?

You Don’t Just Know
A.You Know You

 Finding the best Realtor goes back to the beginning of your story as a seller or buyer. The story behind your sale or purchase is about your situation and your goals. You need to have done active research about agents focused on the locations, properties, and clients they serve. Talk with past clients. Read online reviews. Visit websites. Google. Yes, Google Your Agent. 🙂 While designations, awards, and sales are critical and an important measure of success, the experience, expertise, and focus needs to be applied in the right way. When that happens it leads to success, achievements and the best results. The best Realtors have satisfied clients, find solutions to issues that arise, and are committed professionals.

2.  You Know How they Do Business not just how much business they do. You can know the best Realtor based on their success, longevity, and expertise. In addition to how many transactions, clients, and years in business, it’s as important to know the motivation behind the success that builds the foundation of a business and the methods and strategies that define it.

3. You Know their Clients  Once you set your own expectation about the process, properties, and communities, you know the best Realtor according to how they do business, how much they do business, and the clients they serve. For example, if you are relocating or PCSing with the military there are demands of certain types of transactions, there are nuances that require a certain skills set and experience to be effective. A realtor who has developed and executed successfully for people in similar situations, real estate, relocation, or retirement for example will know best how to handle, manage, and execute with ease and enthusiasm. Or, if the kids are grown and your home and yard are getting to be too much to handle or you’d like to travel more often, downsizing, process preparation,and quality of life are just as important.Selling the house you’ve lived in for decades and raised your children all the while searching for enough space, storage, and convenience for a new phase in life requires experience and skill. Lastly, focus on the key elements of the story behind the home you’re buying or selling that will in turn establish a set of expectations and experience required from your Realtor who can help ensure a more meaningful and memorable real estate experience. #StoryBehindtheHome #YourStoryStartsHere #YourHomeStory #professionals #corporaterelocation #militaryfamilies #PCS #transitions #easymove #therightrealtor #realtorkristinmango


Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

Exterior_editedQuiet, spacious, two-levels with walk-in closets! Seller has done all money-saving upgrades:windows,HVAC,wood blinds,fresh paint, LL flooring, bath updates and more mean lower cost of ownership!





  • New Microwave 2007  
  • New Lighting in baths  2007
  • New Vanity in LL bath  2008
  • New LL Flooring  2008
  • New Oven/Range  2008
  • New Kitchen  (cabinets refaced, new floor, new sink,  new countertop)  2009
  • New Windows (triple pane windows main level)  2010
  • New Dryer  2011
  • New Trane HVAC system  2013
  • New Washer  2015
  • New Hot Water Heater  2015
  • New Garbage Disposal 2015


As an historical landmark that spans Arlington and a corner of the City of Alexandria, Fairlington is among buyers favorite community. It’s a wonderful location, beautifully maintained and one of the most reasonable condo fees around.

One of Fairlington’s favorite floor plans is this Barcroft. These condo homes offer generous rooms on two levels of living spaces plus a fully-fenced rear patio perfect for outdoor enjoyment or entertaining.

This particularly Barcroft is nestled in the back of the court in Fairlington’s south side. That means assigned parking, more green space, trees, and steps to shops, restaurants, and conveniences at Bradlee and Shops at Fairlington including Reunions, CVS Pharmacy, Cafe on Fern, Ramparts, Green Street Nursery, Great Harvest Bread Co., and Baskin-Robbins. Yes, you can walk to ice cream AND pizza! Keep reading…we haven’t even covered our favorite things about this wonderful home.

Tons of natural light pours through replacement windows that brighten the space. Wood floors and decorative touches welcome all who enter. A complete top-to-bottom kitchen renovation offers tons of counter and cabinet space for cooking and storage in style. Entertaining is easy with kitchen access to the backyard patio and pass through to the separate dining room. There’s a main level bedroom with great closet space, bright light, wood floors offer guests or roommates privacy and comfort including an updated full bath across the hallway.

Wonderfully separate and spacious is a lower level turned master suite retreat! A private back stairwell leads to the family room and recreation room updated in style and luxury. You’ll find warm designer paint, wood laminate floor at the base of the stairs. It’s a great exercise space, reading room, or added storage space including linens, closet space underneath the stairs as well. The possibilities are limitless. Adjacent, updated bath turns this entire level into a master suite retreat created by owner and utilized by current occupants.

Fairlington is a favorite community for its location, convenience, brick construction and slate roof composition. It’s one of the few condo communities in the area that connect Alexandria City to Arlington County with walkable amenities and attractions in between. Fairlington association fees are among the lowest in the area and among the few where you can truly witness the value of a full-service grounds maintenance, pools, courts, Community Center, sidewalks, dog park and more. Oh, and the commute?! Express Metro Bus and ART Bus at just about every corner. Minutes to I395, Old Town Alexandria, and Rte. 7!

It’s one of the best stories about many of our favorite things about the story behind the home. This beautiful Barcroft ranks among the best properties available with a functional floor plan, highly desirable building,and community location. Seller is serious. Put this one at the top of your favorites list. You won’t be disappointed.Top of Your List

#ABuyerStory #YourStoryStartsHere #StoryBehindtheHome #AnInvestorStory #FairlingtonFavorite #Backyard #LowCondoFee #LotsofAmenities #WalktoEverything #YourHomeStory #RealtorKristinMango YourStoryStartsHere

Health.Wealth.Home Equity.

hand holding mobile phone with house sale offerAs we close out 2015 and look ahead into 2016 projections, let’s take a stroll down a path of memory lane that most homeowners would likely choose to forget. It’s a town, street, locale where no one wants to go but many may have wandered unwillingly over the last several years. Where is this horrible place? It’s the galaxy of negative equity and a place not so distant for the market as a whole or most homeowners. The good news? Thanks to increases in home prices, the future looks brighter and negative equity is quickly becoming a galaxy, further and further away.
You’ve likely read, heard, or seen reports about the 1/4 point rise in Federal Interest rate announced by Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. If you’ve considered selling your home you have likely seen or may have even heard your neighbors talk about rising home prices in the neighborhood.
Rising Home Prices + Interest Rate Increase= ???
As these forces converge–if you’ll excuse the Star Wars reference–sellers can’t help but look forward to a sale that results in a faster sale at a higher price which increases their wealth. Simply put into words, “Homeowner equity is the largest source of wealth for many Americans. The rise in home price is expected to be at leaset 5% in 2016…” according to Anand Nallathambi, president and CEO of CoreLogic.
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If you’re more of a visionary, I present to you, along with KCM, this infographic that explains the same and spells it out with positive equity reported across the U.S.A.
In short, the average homeowner now has 91.9% positive equity in their home. Positive equity often helps homeowners determine their wealth.
CoreLogic also released a year-over-year comparison which adds an historical perspective regarding the National home equity turnaround stating,
For the homes in negative equity status, the national aggregate value of negative equity was $309.5 billion at the end of Q2 2015, falling approximately $28.5 billion from $338 billion in Q1 2015. On a year-over-year basis, the value of negative equity declined overall from $350 billion in Q2 2014, representing a decrease of 11.6 percent in 12 months.
Own a home in MD or VA? Here’s where your equity stands:
If you own your home in VA, you rank among 91.2% of homeowners with positive equity.
If you own your home in MD, you rank among 87.9% of homeowners with positive equity.
Convergent forces are upon us. The force of positive equity is here and with us. Put the past behind you and look ahead to a prosperous, powerful, and happier real estate experience in 2016.
Contact Me! Let’s get your put together a plan to make this positive equity work for you.
The Story Behind the Home can make if happen.#storybehindthehome #asellerstory #yourhomestory #nationalharborhomes #MDrealtor #VArealtor #fedsraiserates #galaxyrising #realestate

If it were easy everyone would do it.

If it were easy everyone would do it.

This little adage or cliche’ however you may read it could very well apply to just about anything challenging.  Most writers will tell you it applies to writing whether or not they are published. Every runner will likely tell you that it applies to running whether or not you win races. And well, realtors may or may not mention it. I will offer that finding the right realtor to help you find the right home will be a challenge. Understanding the meaning behind the right information, the right realtor, and the right experience for you when selling or buying a home is the key to your best results. I’ve found that my own knowledge, experience, and success has challenges and rewards that can be described in motivational slogans, adages, and some cliche’ peppered with a smidge of humor.  There are as many ways to find a realtor as there are realtors. We’re not difficult to find. You may want to consider the how AND the why when you interview agents to help you start your real estate story.

Don’t Just Do It.

There’s so much information, great tips and how-to’s for everything real estate related. I’m as pro-DIY as they come and aspire to create each post I share on Facebook or pin I add to my favorite boards on Pinterest. For listings, just Google it! Get the latest listings online. Type in simple key words, zip codes, community names, etc., and you can watch a video, take a virtual tour, and read property descriptions and ads, too. Then, Voila! Visit the house online. Find the right home. Find the right neighborhood. Easy peezy, right?If the above information, searches, visits, and videos were all it takes to sell or buy a home then anyone with a phone or computer could and would do it. Some, even my own family members insist on trying it and turn their home sale or search into a DIY of sorts.The results in most cases? Less than stellar. Motivation turns to exhaustion and shock that it takes more than a sign in a yard or a short visit to several homes for three days straight to actually sell or buy a home. There’s more to it that means more for you and to you when you find the realtor for you to make it happen.

Motivation Means Something

It’s happened to every runner. The hills, ugh! Just. Can’t. Make It. It’s happened to every writer. Writer’s block. No inspiration. There are definitely challenges, uphill battles, and road blocks for everyone. Yes, realtors too.  Each of us is inspired by something, someone; change, job, charity, faith, and more. That inspiration gives meaning to the things we do and the purpose behind our goals and actions we take toward achieving them. So while you search and sift through all of the information at your fingertips. Your motivation is paramount.

Think about it. Take inventory about what you like and don’t like about your current home, life, finances, and situation. Why are you moving? Career move,military orders, family, life reasons is a short list of reasons behind recent client motivation to find certain home style, features, location, and community. Sure bedrooms, baths, yard, garage, location are all important and common criteria for most of us. When I meet with sellers, it’s often the home specs that they describe as we tour the home. When working with buyers, it’s often the first question they answer when I ask them for the most important criteria in their new home. I often hear about design details, layout, style and space. These important and relevant preferences about common criteria and design details play an important part in the process obviously. Dig deeper and consider what these attributes actually mean for your new home.

Consider the why behind them. Then, think about your most favorite home you have ever lived in and how it felt being there. The good, the bad and the ugly can all come into play, too. It can be an eye-opening experience to consider how much you hated that tiny little back bedroom in your childhood home because there was barely enough room for a desk to do your homework. Yet, just passed that initial gut reaction lies the memories of sitting on the floor of your room, talking on the phone, listening to loud music and ignoring your little’s sister’s knock on the door. What does this have to do with your next move as an adult? That’s up to you. Does that mean that 4 large bedrooms are more important than 5 smaller ones? Is a two-story house with a basement really right for you if the basement of your most recent home would flood during heavy rain or snow? Then, turn it around. Like the runner who takes the hill or the writer who writes through and tears down the barriers and blocks, know how your preferences can create more room for possibilities that will tell a similar or different story that means the most to you. Then, you may find that as you make sense of what this criteria means to you and for your life, the home search takes on a different, deeper meaning bringing you closer to your life goals. A steady, focused search and sorting homes, criteria, community, and locations takes you to the best properties available so you find the right place to call home.

Every Mile Gets You Closer

Slowing down the pace helps a runner refine form, strength, and endurance. A writer writes, revises, and edits with thoughtful deliberation and focus. Both progress with precision pushing through the pain of every step. It doesn’t matter if you’re running or writing, this precision and tenacity is required. I’ve put these traits to work in real estate as well. What makes this persistence pay off is the focus on motivation regardless of how long it takes, the missteps, hills, wind, sun, rain and snow. The meaning in each step that makes every mile provides purpose. It’s critical to stay focused, keep going, keep revising, revisiting, evaluating the criteria, how inventory matches up, and redirect or act when the meaning meets the road regardless of how many miles you’ve gone or haven’t gone.

The Finish Line

Once the inspiration and process means something then you can imagine what the finish line looks like. If you’re a runner, it may be a marathon, 10K, 5K or a recreational 5 miles run along the Mt. Vernon Trail. If you’re a writer, it may be a journal, a published article. It is often the case that most consider real estate transactions all about getting to closing. Certainly on a literal level, that is true.  And some come to me at first with that expectation without a considering or understanding the purpose, process, and professionalism required to get there. In simple terms,  anyone,any internet, any device offers access to real estate information, listings, searching, touring, the contract to closing and service. But from my own experience writing, running and selling real estate, the approach, analysis, negotiations, and challenges presented along the way require a smart, meaningful, deliberate, proven approach to push through the process with thoughtful determination and strategy. Running keeps me strong and I perservere to get where I want to go. I’m prepared for analysis, negotiation, storms, hills, rough roads. Writing helps put words to experiences, thought to analysis, and communication throughout the process. Working with clients to uncover or create the story behind the home so they can continue a home’s existing story or they can write their own creates a memorable and meaningful experience. As a runner, writer, and realtor, I bring more knowledge, skill, and experience to every client. I suppose if it were easy everyone would do it.

A Buyer Story

A Buyer Story is about how to find the best properties available.

We focus on key elements of a home’s history, design, location, and community that define quality, luxury, and style in any market.

We consider these elements within the context of the most relevant market data and community information so you can best define what value means for you.

The story behind the home connects people with the best properties available so you can continue a home’s existing story. Or, create your own.

So, read through the Buying A Home .Then, when you’re ready, Contact me.

We’ll schedule a free buyer consultation.

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Your Best Guide to Home Ownership
You can read more about key elements of my own real estate, running, and writing stories. You’ll also find that I never run out of stories about Molly and Sam, my two chocolate labs.

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Fall in Love

Finding the “right one” can take longer than expected. After we’ve researched, strategized, and visited several properties–particularly if we’ve seen a ton of inventory–and narrowed down a few, you may start to feel like you just can’t find “THE ONE”. Here are a few interesting facts and stats for the single professionals in my real estate life.

The story behind the home connects people to the best properties available so you can continue a home’s existing story or start your own.

Contact me. Let me show you how to fall in love…with your home, of course.

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