Working at Home


I love mornings. I wake up to these two faces. Sam and Molly, my two chocolate labs.

Morning lab cuddles, coffee, and runs along the Mt. Vernon trail are my 3 most favorite things, really. I woke up this morning thankful for another day and ready to go! My routine goes something like this:

1.Before 6AM: Large paws push against the bed and panting wakes me out of sound sleep. I respond, “Go lay down! It’s NOT time to get up!

2.Just After 6AM: I stumble downstairs careful to avoid tumbling down the stairs as Molly and Sam must. get. food.

  1. While I make coffee, they eat. I let myself drift back into a peaceful place with faint sounds of what sounds like a shopvac coming from the next room where Molly and Sam are indeed getting their food.
  2. I let them outside and say calmly, “No barking.”

Aaahhh, I love Sundays. Filling up my mug, I pause thinking that I hear barking. No, barking. Aaaahhh, peace and quiet.

Wait, WHAT?! No, barking…Not good.

Just as I turn the corner of the yard, I hear Sam–I can’t see him because it’s still dark outside–jump over the fence AND the nandina bush on the other side.

And well, the rest of the story includes Kristin running up and down three surrounding neighborhood streets near the Mount Vernon Trail in pajamas and slippers for about 10 minutes. I think to myself, “I can’t believe he ran away!”

Then,I hear Sam. He’s sprinting toward me and rounds the corner straight to the front door. We go inside. He jumps on the couch. I yell, “Bad dog!” Then, I meet him at the edge of the cushion for huge hugs and a treat that are returned with tons of lab love like only Sam knows how to give and get even when he runs! PS–Molly got lots of hugs, treats, and love, too. Lots of lab love to go around at our house. Happy Sunday, all!