Want to know the real story about how to find the right realtor? Does the realtor you choose really make a difference? What’s the secret to a successful real estate sale or purchase? Well, I was recently asked about how to find a realtor. What steps are required? Which ways are the best? How do you KNOW that you’ve found the right Realtor? 3 questions, 3 answers should be quick and simple, right? After all, the point is the house. It’s about the sale, the purchase, the result, right? It can be for some. The story behind the right realtor starts with you. Before you can find, choose, and know you’ve found the right realtor there are a few things to consider. Here are the questions asked and how the story behind the home, from its foundation, starts with steps to find the right realtor that establish standards, expectations, and measured success so that your story starts in the best possible way. Here we go.

Q. What steps would you advise homeowners take when looking for
their own Realtor?

A. It’s not about me, the Realtor. My advice starts with understanding the story behind every home which starts with that homeowner. So, at our initial appointment, we not only discuss the basics, the data, the property, the community and the steps in the process. We start with the home and its owner, You.

3 Steps to Find Your Realtor

1. Your Reasons Why: It’s important that you consider your reasons for selling i.e. relocation, downsizing, need more space.

2. Your Best Results: What’s your best desired result? i.e. net gain, size of the home, location of the home, moving on to the next opportunity in life, work, family. Once they define the why behind their move they can interview agents focused on a realistic set of goals that will motivate them to actively participate and work with me but also stay focused on their desired results. So, as you interview realtors you need to know how they work, what they know, and their process, approach, and success with homeowners who have experienced the same. Better yet, I encourage those I meet to find a realtor whose clients willingly offer honest feedback about their experience.

3. Your Standards: Everyone has standards and they should be set according to your highest family, professional, financial priorities in life. Those standards should translate into expectations and evaluation criteria for your Realtor. There are standards that define licensee vs. agent vs. realtor, etc. There are agents, realtors, and transaction-focused licensees in the area. We all do business differently. I think it’s important that homeowners understand the benefits of working with a licensed realtor who belongs to NAR, their regional association, and subscribes to the Realtor code of ethics. One does not have to be a realtor to sell real estate. Without a set of standards for conduct the road to your best results will likely be a rough one along the way.

Q. How can you find the best Realtor for you?

A. Once you’ve taken the steps above, you’re able to identify the best Realtor for you regardless of how you meet them because you’ve identified a set of expectations based on your situation and desired results.

You Be the Judge

A. Real Results

Finding the right house or the right buyer for your home is only 25% of the process. So, it’s important to know what it means to get results from the Realtor you choose. There are as many ways to find a realtor as there are ways to search for a house. I find it helpful to focus people on what they expect or the desired result beyond the obvious listing or purchase.  It’s more than just the sale or purchase. It’s what the results mean for you not for your realtor’s business, volume, or sales awards. (Althought we as professionals have our goals, too.) Yes, those stats are important and necesssary to evaluate a Realtor’s experience, success, and results. However, finding the right realtor includes matching skill and expertise with your expectations and goals. Most of my business is based upon referrals. 95% of past clients, colleagues, and brokers (U.S. and International) consistently refer me to others. Even so, I have found that regardless of how potential clients contact me, they are consistently pleased with my experience, success, and results that help them reach their family, financial, and life goals. Those goals establish a story that sets expectations and a set of metrics that can quantify and measure the most effective strategies, focus, skills and proven results from your Realtor.

Q. How do you KNOW they’re the best Realtor?

You Don’t Just Know
A.You Know You

 Finding the best Realtor goes back to the beginning of your story as a seller or buyer. The story behind your sale or purchase is about your situation and your goals. You need to have done active research about agents focused on the locations, properties, and clients they serve. Talk with past clients. Read online reviews. Visit websites. Google. Yes, Google Your Agent. 🙂 While designations, awards, and sales are critical and an important measure of success, the experience, expertise, and focus needs to be applied in the right way. When that happens it leads to success, achievements and the best results. The best Realtors have satisfied clients, find solutions to issues that arise, and are committed professionals.

2.  You Know How they Do Business not just how much business they do. You can know the best Realtor based on their success, longevity, and expertise. In addition to how many transactions, clients, and years in business, it’s as important to know the motivation behind the success that builds the foundation of a business and the methods and strategies that define it.

3. You Know their Clients  Once you set your own expectation about the process, properties, and communities, you know the best Realtor according to how they do business, how much they do business, and the clients they serve. For example, if you are relocating or PCSing with the military there are demands of certain types of transactions, there are nuances that require a certain skills set and experience to be effective. A realtor who has developed and executed successfully for people in similar situations, real estate, relocation, or retirement for example will know best how to handle, manage, and execute with ease and enthusiasm. Or, if the kids are grown and your home and yard are getting to be too much to handle or you’d like to travel more often, downsizing, process preparation,and quality of life are just as important.Selling the house you’ve lived in for decades and raised your children all the while searching for enough space, storage, and convenience for a new phase in life requires experience and skill. Lastly, focus on the key elements of the story behind the home you’re buying or selling that will in turn establish a set of expectations and experience required from your Realtor who can help ensure a more meaningful and memorable real estate experience. #StoryBehindtheHome #YourStoryStartsHere #YourHomeStory #professionals #corporaterelocation #militaryfamilies #PCS #transitions #easymove #therightrealtor #realtorkristinmango