A friend of mine posted this image on Facebook the other day. If you’re like me, you live by your “to-do” list. I offer you this list as a way to create a story about how gratitude that shows us how even the smallest, seemingly insignificant or even most distant memories about people, places, experiences are the very foundation of our own unique story. With this list we can acknowledge the best memories that tell our story in a meaningful way that makes us grateful. We can’t help but turn that feeling into action and give gratitude right back.

If we live according to gratitude, the list is bound to go beyond 30 days. After all, isn’t that the entire point? So, give something, somehow, to someone because you can. Watch how your heart fills up with gratitude. Then, get ready for countless days where gratitude comes back to you.

Thank you for being here in business, friendship, and support. My story happens here with you, because of you, and for you. Have a wonderful Season of Thanks, friends. With gratitude today and every day, Kristin.