I love where we live. I love what I do for a living because I love leading people through an important, complicated, rewarding process that always ends with a bright, new beginning of a new chapter in life. I have built my business story upon meaningful client experiences as we explore, discover, and create the story behind the home.

Real estate has always been a part of my life. My Mom sold real estate when I was growing up. I remember her dedication, hard work, and impeccable taste. To this very day, my parents love to drive through neighborhoods and visit open houses on Sunday or simply admire different styles, lot sizes, colors, landscape and more. Real estate was always a part of our life growing up and I grew up knowing how important it is to so many people. Most importantly, I learned that patience, persistence, and dedication can turn a passion into a business!


It has always been clear that the most important and memorable experiences happen at home. It started with a strong foundation of support, discipline, love and laughter. Friends and family gathered at our house often for parties, team meetings, and celebrations. Most photo albums, home and family videos include similar memories, I’m sure. So, when I work with real estate clients to make home happen for them knowing that the experience will become part of their most memorable events it motivates and inspires me. It all begins with the introduction, I have a uniquely high 95% referral and retention rate from clients and brokers both internationally and across the U.S. Our initial consultation is where we meet, you’ll learn more about how my background, experience, and expertise serves as the foundation for a fresh perspective, proven approach, smarter search, negotiation, and marketing strategies. From the beginning, you can connect with the most important elements of properties, location, and community that are meaningful and valuable for you.


Once we establish this framework, we work together to create, and make home happen. My writing, editing, and advertorial projects experience at BUILDER, REMODELING and OLD HOUSE JOURNAL magazines is an added dimension of knowledge and expertise that helps identify quality, style, and livability. We consider exterior features, interior design elements, layout and functional floor plans with the best design,product,and features. I’ve been able to identify, relate, and formulate a decisive, focused, and meaningful approach to what makes people connect with key components of a house, the location, and community.  The story behind the home goes beyond the four walls and applies relevant property history,structural and interior design elements that help connect the story behind the home with the price, property, and community. The story behind the home applies these key elements and presents your home’s history, design, location, and community in an honest, relevant and memorable way.


I offer a fresh perspective and industry knowledge based on years of education and experience as I lead clients through a smarter, more effective search, evaluation, and decision process. Volleyball and softball were my favorite team sports. And when homework and practice was done, I loved to run. Still do. Strength, support, and endurance are common traits among runners and athletes. How we execute and progress through every mile makes the difference in our running experience. I apply the same to real estate search and strategies. You don’t have to be a runner to appreciate the importance of strategy, determination, and winning. I offer my experiences as both writer and runner to show clients how my skills and experiences are real, tested, and successful because I develop, and perfect them in each critical element of my own story every day. “I really do live this stuff” as they say. As a result, clients can apply my skilled, strategic approach to achieve their real estate goals.


To this day, I love to learn, research, explore and document what I find. English and writing were my favorite subjects in school. It was the perfect way to read, research, formulate, and document my view of the world. Even when the right words don’t come to me I’ve found that the process eventually guides me toward a better understanding and perspective than I imagined. I’m often motivated by the challenge of learning, developing, and communicating. More than that I find that in the mere process of doing so I learn more and gain a clearer sense of where to find motivation, energy, and endurance to do more so that I can be better, do better, and give more. Running, writing, and real estate demand a lot so it’s helpful to know more and do more on a consistent basis to be successful.

I found that in order to do better, be better, and discover how to give more I had to push the limits. I found that pushing myself physically on every run was more than expected. I also learned that planning out my running route ahead of time keeps me focused on the finish in the most determined and effective way. My writing and real estate experience has produced the very same successful planning, perserverance, and results for clients.


This is a little bit of the story behind the realtor. Thoughtful determination sharpened my own strategy,planning,and skills that in turn add detail, depth, and analysis to the story behind the home that you are selling or buying. I have developed a more deliberate, organized real estate sales approach that connects people, homes, places, and communities. The result? Valuable client services and a more meaningful, memorable, and valuable real estate experience.

It all comes together in the story behind the home. KristinMango_logo_final